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Monday, 29 February 2016

36 Check Jamb Result Without Scratch Card 2016

The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has announced that the results of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) will be available 30 minutes after leaving the hall.

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on Monday, February 29, 2016

2 MTN Magic SIM Configuration 2016 - Download For Free

Download as much as you like free with MTN Magic sim. This is much like the Mtn simple server, hope you know about this? If you don’t?, get the tip here and get 5gb data  daily and many were recently saying Mtn simple server only loads facebook and don’t load secured sites and I said that is a big lie….get the tip here too…. Soooo

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on Monday, February 29, 2016

0 Facebook Reaction Button Not Working? How To Set It Up

Facebook reactions is a new feature launched on 24th of February 2016. It is basically an extension of the Like button which gives the users many ways to "react" to the status update or the post on Facebook.

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on Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday, 28 February 2016

0 How To Logon Secured Sites Like Wordpress, Blogger And Others With MTN Simple Server

Recently many bloggers and non blogger were complaining about the issue and I found out that the issue is not an issue one must complain over… Mozilla firefox, google chrome don’t allow simple server proxy to bypass secured sites like wordpress, blogger and many more sites……

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on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friday, 19 February 2016

0 Free Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger

At the point when blogger Released Popular Posts gadget in 2011, we leaked out its stylesheet with the goal that you can tweak it to mix it flawlessly to your Blogger template. Today we will learn how to show the rundown of Popular posts using CSS3 auto increase property. You can style the numbers in assortment of shapes, we styled them in square/rectangular and circular shape. you guys were the first to show strung remarks with Comment Counts and today you will again learn something all the more fascinating. You can see a viable photo of this execution on the post. Lets add this effect to blogger in genuinely simple steps utilizing unadulterated styles with no use of JavaScript. Well known posts gadget is a powerful device to expand your blog visits and engage with users more on your website. It brings and positions posts taking into account most went to pages utilizing your Google analytics data

Add Popular Posts Widget

  1. Go to Blogger > Layout
  2. Click "Add a Gadget"
  3. Choose "Popular Posts"  from the list
  4. You will need to configure its settings as shown in the image below: uncheck "image thumbnail" and also "snippet"   Its better that you display at most 7-9 posts. Less is good and clean.
    5.  Save it

    Customize Popular Posts Plugin

    Now you need to change the default styles and change its look to our desired design using Custom styles.
    1. Go To Blogger > Template
    2. Backup your Template
    3. Click Edit HTML
    4. Search for </b:skin>.  Click the black arrow to expand the code.compressed blogger stylesheet 
    5.   Paste the following Styles just above </b:skin>
      /*--- MBT Popular Posts --- */
      .popular-posts ul {
      padding-left: 0px;
      counter-reset: popcount;
      .popular-posts ul li:before {
      list-style-type: none;
      margin-right: 15px;
      padding: 0.3em 0.6em;
      counter-increment: popcount;
      content: counter(popcount);
      font-size: 16px;
      background: #292D30;
      color: #ffffff;
      position: relative;
      font-weight: bold;
      font-family: georgia;
      float: left;
      border: 2px solid #dddddd;
      box-shadow: 1px 2px 9px #666666; }
      .popular-posts ul li {
      border-bottom: 1px dashed #dddddd;
      .popular-posts ul li:hover {
      border-bottom: 1px dashed #696969;
      .popular-posts ul li a {
      text-decoration:none; color:#5A5F63;

      .popular-posts ul li a:hover {
  • To change the background color of the Square bubble edit #292D30
  • To change the text color of the bubble edit #ffffff
  • By default the shape of the bubble is Square. To change it to Circle simply add the following code just after box-shadow: 1px 2px 9px #666666;
border-radius:15px; 6.

Save your template and you are all done!
Visit your blog to see it working just perfectly.
If you would wish to add it inside a Multi Tab Widget just like we have done on our blog, then you can find several tutorials on our blog that were released years ago on Multi Tabs. Please read one below:

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on Friday, February 19, 2016

0 Customized Disqus Recent Comments Widget For Blogger

Today, we will take in a straightforward and valuable instructional exercise on the best way to include a fast loading Disqus Recent Comments gadget on a Blogger blog. Gadgets like these let users know about the discussions going ahead at your site, and in case you're genuinely dynamic, it means a decent impression. This gadget being referred to is very much scripted and the JavaScript is hosted at Disqus to decrease the load time on your blogger blog. So let’s figure out how to add it to blogger. 
You can add this widget code inside any text/html block inside your blog.
  • Go to Blogger >> Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget
  • Choose the HTML/JavaScript widget

  • Now add it anywhere you like on your blog
Now copy and paste the following code inside the HTML/JS widget.

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<div id="RecentComments" class="dsq-widget">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
 The code above contains a URL. You need to change the text in bold with your own domain name (

How To Configure

After the ? in the URL, you can see a bunch of parameters. These are used to customize the functionality of the widget. Here is a brief description for each of them.
  • num_items - Number of comments to show in the widget
  • hide_mods - Hide moderators' comments (1 for hidden, 0 for disabled)
  • hide_avatars - Hide display images (1 for hidden, 0 for shown)
  • avatar_size - Avatar size in pixels (32 by default)
  • excerpt_length - Character-length of the excerpt (1000 by default)
How To Styles
If you want, you can customize the looks of this widget as well. Here are some sample CSS rules; 

.dsq-widget ul.dsq-widget-list {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
text-align: left;
img.dsq-widget-avatar {
width: 32px;
height: 32px;
border: 0px;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px 3px 3px 0px;
float: left;
p.dsq-widget-meta {
clear: both;
font-size: 80%;
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
li.dsq-widget-item {
margin: 15px 0;
list-style-type: none;
clear: both;
span.dsq-widget-clout {
padding: 0 2px;
background-color: #ff7300;
color: #fff;
a.dsq-widget-user {font-weight: bold;}
a.dsq-widget-thread {font-weight: bold;}
table.dsq-widget-horiz td {padding-right: 15px;}
.dsq-widget-comment p {display: inline;}
 Enjoy Your Blog

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on Friday, February 19, 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

0 Add Paypal Donate Button to your Blogger Blog - 2016

As we all know, Paypal is one of the trusted organization from numerous years for doing online cash exchanges. Here is an absolute necessity use guide for bloggers who might want to add Donate button of paypal to your blogger blog. It is entirely easy to including the Paypal Donate Button. Basically proceed with the following below.

Add Paypal Donate Button to your Blogger Blog

1. Firstly Register with paypal; with your original details

2. Furthermore, you need to Verify your Email address by tapping on confirmation link sent to your Email address.

3. Now essentially link your Debit/Master card or you can likewise attach your Bank account with paypal.

Paypal will do a two little deposit to your financial balance, check your bank exchanges and enter the two sums that paypal have kept to your ledger and this affirms your ledger and gives you finish access for online exchanges such as sending and recieving cash.

4. Now Copy The Below Code.
 <!– begin paypal donations by–> <div align=”center”><form method=”post” action=””> <div class=”paypal-donations”><input type=”hidden” value=”_donations” name=”cmd”/> <input type=”hidden” value=”YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS” name=”business”/> <input type=”hidden” value=”YOUR BLOG URL” name=”return”/> <input type=”hidden” value=”You found the information helpful and want to say thanks? Your donation is enough to inspire us to do more. Thanks a bunch!” name=”item_name”/> <input type=”hidden” value=”USD” name=”currency_code”/><input type=”image” alt=”PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.” name=”submit” src=””/> <img width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”” alt=””/></div></form> </div><!– end paypal donations –>

5. Replace YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL with the Email Address of your Paypal account(Email Address which you used to register with Paypal) and Replace YOUR BLOG URL with the URL of your Blogger Blog.

6. Paste the Altered Code where you need your paypal donate button to show up.

NOTE:- Adding donate button on your sidebar(Using html/javascript gadget) or At the footer of your blog entry is prescribed.

You have successfully added a Paypal Donation Button to your blogger blog.

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on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

0 How To Download Udemy Tutorials Video With Ant App is a platform or marketplace for online learning. Unlike academic MOOC programs driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses which can be offered to the public, either at no charge or for a tuition fee. Udemy provides tools which enable users to create a course, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges.
No Udemy courses are currently credentialed for college credit; its students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills. Some courses generate credit toward technical certification. Udemy has made a special effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees of their company.
As of January 2016, Udemy reports on its homepage that it has served over 10 million students, and offers more than 40,000 course alternatives

Ant Video Downloader
It has never been simplier to download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion and from most of the video streaming site.
Just play the video, click on the toolbar, download and play it immediately in our integrated video player. And now you can also download Lynda videos, Udemy tutorials video 

This is How To Install Ant App To Any Browser
  • Now click on the START on the Download Video Menu
  • ·After below image pop up; click on INSTALL FOR FIREFOX/CHROME/OPERA. it displays current browser.
  • Now install addon to the browser

         This is How To Download Udemy Video
    • After installing the ant app to your browser; visit and click on any of their videos 
    • While the video is playing; goto top right of your browser and click on the button as shown in the image below
    • And video will begin to download

    Thanks for taking time to read, you can drop your comment to show appreciation

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on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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